The knowing


I had left off with divine intervention. That segment played on my mind for days on how to put it into words to make it understandable for everyone. Having a visit from a spirit is kind of unbelievable but knowing things prior to them happening is even more unbelievable.

This is a topic close to my heart, as who would not know what will happen in the future. The only problem with knowing what will happen you usually do not know the time or the date that it will occur. You just have to trust that it will happen at the right time and the right place. I recall my old boyfriend telling me “you always know, I don’t know how you know, but you always know”. I did not understand what he was saying to me. I did not know that he always felt that way about me, and I did not know that I knew things without knowing.

The first time that I knew some thing, was when I predicted my mothers death. The premonition came to me after I was asked “how is your mother?”, it just came to me and I stated that “she would be dead in six months”. I had not seen my mother for a year and half, the next time I saw her she was dead. I struggled with knowing that information and did not believe it until the day came that I was told that she had actually died. I honestly thought that I had caused her death by predicting it seven months earlier. I am not sure why I knew that information prior to her death or why God told me. I blamed myself for years, an unrelenting painful guilt.

The next time that I knew something, was when I told my ex-boyfriend “I am sorry can’t come back to you” and “I have to leave the city”. The words just came out of my mouth without even thinking. He was so angry with me and hung up the phone. Then he called me back saying he was sorry. I carried on the conversation stating “I am being called to my home, and do not know why, but I have to go.” He was ok after the explanation and we went our separate ways in life and not to talk again for a year.

That is how my premonition’s come out for me, I blurt them out without even thinking. It is like someone else is speaking for me when they happen. I just get transfixed on a spot when someone is talking and they are triggered. The odd thing is that I do not know when they will occur, I just have a “knowing.” Some people maybe thinking it would be great to know things prior to them happening. However, as you can see, with the premonition of my mothers death, for me, this was not a gift. We all would love to know the numbers to a lottery, or happy events, or to keep us safe, but those are not the premonitions I would receive.

Dreaming is also another way that I would derive guidance from my Spiritual Guardian. There were several times that a deceased individual would come in my dreams and warn me about certain situations. One incident, I had a dream about my deceased manager, whom I love dearly, and she was guiding me to pay closer attention while at work. I did not know why she was coming to warn me. It came down to me paying closer attention to detail and to documenting. I received a message in a bottle, and I was to be grateful!

I paid closer attention at work and boy was I glad. The next few months were going to be utter hell. A individual in a position of authority set out on a campaign to maliciously destroy my career. If she could have she would have destroyed me. This all started because I questioned her about a questionable practice. It made me question why I was a nurse. I was obligated to attend meetings and investigations several times. I had to defend myself and my practice, just to keep working in a field that I had dedicated my life too.

While this was happening to me my sister was completing a year and a half of chemotherapy for stage 4 breast cancer. She was going to begin her radiation treatments and I needed to be there for her during this time. My only support was my dying sister. I could not talk to my colleagues. I was separated from my husband and living alone. To financially make it I had to continue to work under this individual.

After defending and proving my competency for a year, the association cleared me of all charges and insinuations. Receiving that vindication was the best Christmas present that I could have ever received.

My life long dream. Tyra 2019

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