The Journey Begins

#25percent The memoir of two sisters, that went from Victim, to Survivor, to Spiritual Warrior, and Humanitarian.

By being present, sharing your time, and listening to what We have already lived, you are helping Shatter The Silence. Tammy 2019


Come join us on our journey of healing and letting go of the past. We started this blog to help others with the same kind of trauma and abuse to show there is hope and peace out in the world. This blog can be graphic in some areas of abuse so caution should be taken if it triggers your own memories of trauma and abuse. It has not been easy to write all the hurt and anguish that has happened in our lives as we were dealing with the issues again and again. It has been rewarding and painful at the same time.

The title 25 percent came to me when I was reflecting on the addiction issues that my family suffers from to this very day. I myself have not struggled as much as the rest of them but struggled with the co dependency issues, you will see in the future blog posts.

I am the 25 percent of my family that does not have a addiction to alcohol or drugs to this very day. My younger sister is an active alcoholic, my younger brother is a drug addict, and Tammy (co author) is a recovering alcoholic you will read her experience into sobriety later into the blog and how hope helped her develop a better future.

So join our journey to the light and enlightenment. The more support there is out there for what we share the better we feel about doing all the work that makes this blog possible. Thank you in advance for visiting our blog. Validation, support, and understanding is liberating and healing.

The greatest gift to me is to understand the misunderstood. Tammy 2019


I am the eldest sister, and will be sharing my experience, strength and hope with you. As with any topic that is sensitive in nature, there may be parts that make you uncomfortable, disturbed or upset. We have tried very diligently to be as precise about our lives, with out going into such detail that the sharing gets lost in the emotion. However, there is emotion with anything you may read or share. Just know it not just a bombardment of talking about abuse.

It is very difficult to write our life story, as in the beginning and for a while afterward it was not always pleasant or happy. However, there were happy, even funny moments. Also, please remember this, the experience we are sharing has already been lived by us. We have survived. It has taken literally decades for us to get to this point, of sharing with you all. The decision to write out memoir was not made over night, nor was it taken lightly.

My fervent wish and hope is that other Survivors who are still suffering read about our experience and say to themselves “we grew up in the same house”. Meaning I can relate to this woman, who is speaking with out shame or guilt. I understand this woman, and therefore I understand myself. I empathize with this woman, therefore I can empathize for myself. I can grieve the egregious’ loss of self, and move through the pain too. I can come to a place, we’re I am stronger, healthier, and at peace with myself. I too can heal, and become the strength of those that are helpless. The voice of those that are silenced, and the spiritual guide that can lead them out of the darkness. No one suffers alone in silence. Those on their healing path can support and be supported.

My biggest fear is supporters, advocates, unsung hero’s, would be reluctant to come share with me. Leary, that they would be bombarded with abuse. I can not change the experience, however, I control the narrative. I try very hard to be sensitive and caring. Tammy 2019

I also considered those that have not suffered abuse, trauma, mental illness or addictions. We can offer each other just as much support, insight, and understanding, as if you did walk through hell. We, together make a much stronger and formidable partner, than if we tried to walk this journey alone. There is probably much you can relate too, and empathy is simply putting your self in some one else’s shoes, using your own experience. You do not need to have been abused to have compassion and kindness for another human being. Thank Goodness. I need your experience, strength and hope, too, just as much as I Want to share mine with you.

Also, your feedback, comment’s, suggestions, are needed as well. “We need to Shatter the Silence” Together. So please don’t think that you should not comment or like a written piece. It is affirmation and validation, support and encouragement. Also, it is not all dark and sad, it is hopeful, courageous, compassionate, even funny at times, it is simply an experience that has taken decades to tell. 😊

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