The Early Years Continued Part 5


Before we leave this segment, I would like to share a bit more about the early years. Since our mother moved so much it is difficult to remember all the places we lived. This particular apartment that we lived in we , did not stay long, you are about to find out why shortly.

My sister Tyra, and I came home from school to find the walls blackened and the stove black with soot. The pungent smell of burned carpet and other house hold item’s was strong in the air. My mother was asleep on the couch, but woke up when we came in . I said “Mom!” “What happened?!” She replied, “Your little sister burned up your room.”

As I stated earlier I was an avid reader and had piles of books under my bed, ranging from newspapers, comics, and paper backs. Anything I could get my hands on to read, I would devour it word for word, sometimes two or three times. I mean anything my mother would read, I would be reading by the age of nine. I had a very extensive vocabulary for my age, however I lacked social skills, so only rarely spoke to Children my age. Adults, would say I was very articulate for my age. What they didn’t know was I was very Worldly for my age, not just Wordy. However, my worldly knowledge was only preparing me to be abused, not how to protect myself from abuse or even how to stop it.

So, yet again we were compelled to move, and again go to a different school. The most times I can recall changing schools, while in my mothers care, during one year was three times. You can imagine the stress and impact this had on my schooling, coupled with all the abuse in the home.

However, I digress. Back to my little sister, apparently, she got a hold of some matches and made a little fire of my books, when it caught hold and got out of control she ran to my closet!! It is imperative that parents teach their children not only about fire hazards, but fire safety as well, which my mother failed to do with us. By the time my mother realized what was happening the stairs were on fire and the fire men, who had been called by a neighbor who saw the smoke, had to coax our little sister to jump down the stairs balcony. The stairs was totally impassable. This was according to what my Mother told me. I was so frantic with worry, however, our little sister was fine Thank the Grace of God. It could have ended on such a tragic note.

I would be grief stricken if I lost any of my siblings, it was almost like a trial run, how I would feel, when we really did lose each other. Tammy 2019

I was also recalling how our Uncle was in and out of our lives at the time. Well one of them was. I just remember him stabbing his girl friend in the eye with a butter knife, I was just thinking, the male influences in our lives were so very violent towards women. it feels important to me to mention this because, further on in our life this influence becomes extremely apparent in our lives.

Another thing that our mother did was go to the bar a lot. Sometimes if the man she was going with had transportation , she would pile us kids in and park us outside the bar. I hated this as people would stop and stare at us like we were some kind of oddity to be gawked at. Sometimes, a nice stranger would bring us pop and chips. We had no idea how dangerous it was to be rolling down the window to accept the goodies. We were so young, and our mom never taught us about the dangers of talking to strangers. She actually encouraged it, we were so vulnerable, and ill prepared for the wide world. We were so hungry and thirsty, thoughts of danger never even crossed my mind. If it did it was so fleeting, as to be a unheard whisper of alarm.

When I look back at this time chills go down my spine. At the time our youngest sister who was named Tanya, gave our mother quite the scare. It really was the only time I really seen her scared. I came home from school and her first question was were is Tanya. I said she is coming. My mom flew into a rage and said don’t you know there was a little girl named Tanya that was abducted? She was wearing a blue coat just like your sister! It never occurred to me to ask mom why she didn’t call the school to see if our little sister was ok.

Authorities are still seeking answers to this tragic and heartbreaking case. I was so young, but she was my first understanding that danger was everywhere, and hardly a day goes by that I do not think of this little girl. The resemblance to my youngest sister is uncanny, all except their eye colour is different.

Tania Murrell was 6 years old when she went missing on January 20th, 1983, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Tania has brown eyes, blonde hair, pierced ears, and a birthmark in the middle of her forehead in the hairline. 

Tania left her school at 11:15 a.m. to go home to meet her Aunt Vera for lunch and only her brother arrived. This was the last time she was seen by anyone. 

If Tania is alive today, she would be 42 years old.

An age enhanced photo of Tania, if any one has information about this case, please contact the authorities. My sister and I pray that this young child can be vindicated and find peace.

Just to let you know, I speak with my sister every day about our Blog and the people that read it. Although we do not know you personally, we consider you friends and kindred spirits.The family that reads our Blog, well we count you as family lol go figure. Tyra shared, her memories of the early years which we vague at best, which is understandable, since she was so very young. So we will be carrying on with the next segment of our lives which begins at the seven to ten range, and beyond. Just a forewarning some of the descriptions and topic we cover are distressing and may trigger some individuals. The next segment will probably be started by my lovely sister, time permitting, she is so busy being a nurse. If not we will be sure to try to keep new material available to you as we can. thank you again for reading and there by supporting us. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments.

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