Spiritual Butterfly’s 🦋


Join Us on Our Journey to Enlightenment and Freedom

Come join us on our journey of healing and letting go of the past. We started this blog to help others with the same kind of trauma and abuse to show there is hope and peace out in the world. This blog can be graphic in some areas of abuse so caution should be taken if it triggers your own memories of trauma and abuse. It has been painful at times to share our lives with you, but always rewarding! Tyra 🦋

I am the eldest sister Tammy. The lives my sister have lived are wrought with pain and suffering , however healing is possible. We can have a spiritual awaking and be reborn anew. Self actualizing, and metamorphosing into something wonderful and beautiful. If you are reading this my heartfelt thank you and gratitude for taking time to spend with us. Tammy 🦋

About the title: 25percent. I came up the title 25percent when I was contemplating my life and my families lives. Our blog covers multiple abuses and issues. One of which is addictions. I did some research and fount a statistic that stated only 25 percent of children, of alcoholic parents grow up not to become an addict themselves.

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