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Although, my sister and I call our work a memoir, we just wanted to clarify, we do not embellish, or use fiction in the telling of our story. In that aspect it could be considered an autobiography. Many of the description of events can be corroborated by documented evidence. Some, due to the nature of the event are researched, and based of numerous verbal accounts by individuals involved in the event being shared. Others, are based solely off of memory of the event, as individuals involved are deceased or unable to be located. In any event, we strive to be factual.

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Join Us on Our Journey to Enlightenment and Freedom

Tammy 🦋

Our Mission:We have put our mission in the form of an acronym. It is as follows:

M-ental Health..🦋.S-upport






Tyra 🦋

Come join us on our journey of healing and letting go. We started this memoir to share our experience and knowledge, in the hopes that it will bring hope, awareness, change, and unity. We are sharing very sensitive events in the hopes that those still suffering can find comfort and support. Those on their healing journey can find support, resources and information. Those who advocate and care about the needs of people who have suffered trauma, can find information, resources, and offer support if they so choose. Together, we can make positive, beneficial change for all.

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